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Business Solutions
Name    Bob M
Custom Software Development
Name    Amanda J
Marketing Executive
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Tele Marketing Executive
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Product Related Support
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AISoftwares is a software development company. Its providing IT solutions to Diaspora of customers in diverse fields. Our main forte is software development and maintenance services for e-business enterprise, embedded applications. Based in India, our software development team provides complete software development lifecycle services (development, design, testing, delivery and support) and project management. AISoftwares specializes in Web based  applications, Client Server solutions, as well as Product development. Established in 2000, AISoftwares caters to the diverse needs of its Diaspora of customers. With the goal of customized application development following offshore onshore model, today AISoftwares is dedicated to providing cost effective and innovative software development solutions for many companies in different countries mainly USA, UK and INDIA. Over the past one and half years we have achieved an excellent growth rate of over 150%. Our team consists of young, competent and highly qualified technocrats. AISoftwares innovative approach to offshore software development increases its Customer's competitive advantage vis--vis its competitors and helps them to overcome their budget and resource challenges. A special emphasis is made on after sales service. It is because of this endeavor to keep the customers happy that AISoftwares today has a long of satisfied customers. We make use of wide spectrum of latest technologies (this is especially true for Internet-oriented applications). AISoftwares consists of young, highly energetic team with high spirits, zeal, passion and commitment for delivering superior software solutions, products and customer service, delivering with Reliability , Flexibility and Low Cost AISoftwares can also provide you with its own Human Resources for all kinds works. You can hire an employee which will totally work for you. AISoftwares Human Resources can perform tasks such as

Research/Gathering online data
Your Product/Software Support
Telemarketing of your product
Data Entry
Audio Transcription
Email support

AISoftwares can provide you with Human Resource which shall do research for you from our office. All we need is you tell us what to research On and we shall do for you and also provide you with all the research results. You can hire our human resources for doing researches for you. We shall provide you with the results each day as we proceed. Not only this we will also provide you with the images/pictures of what we had done and how we did your research thus making you confident enough that we did the correct way as you wanted. AISoftwares can also provide you with Human Resource for gathering online data, such as information from different business website, stock information, schools/collage information, education information, Tickets information anything online data you want. As you must be knowing this that how important is the sales service thing in today's competitive market. If your customers are happy with your services then only you can bet your competitors otherwise you would be thrown out of the market immediately. AISoftwares's Human resources can provide support to your product which results in the increase of your profit and customer satisfaction . AISoftwares can handle your customer emails and online chat support for your product. Our name would not come into the picture it would look like that your company is handling the product support


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